Thursday, March 25, 2010


My baby is sleeping. My baby hasn't been sleeping, but now tonight she does and the funny thing is I can't. When I have slept it has been restless and filled with bizarre dreams. It is now 4.18 am and have been up since 3.30am. Yesterday with friends we talked about our babies sleep patterns and routines or more the point lack there of and NOW my baby sleeps and I can't.

So I guess I might as well make the most of it and post this long over due blog. The problems with posting blogs though are all the other fabulous blogs out there. So many blogs such little time.

As you know a fortnight ago I went to the civic homespun market I have a fantastic day, sold 2 bebe petit sacs and 2 vintage pillowcase dresses. The day had a vintage theme to it so there were so many more fabulous stall holders. Isis makes beautiful upcycled handbound journals and badges amongst other beautiful items so go check out her blogspot and her etsy store.
Am having a problem uploading the photos I took of these gorgeous stall holders wares but you will see much much more on their sites.
So am off to the market again this weekend have made more dresses and bebe petit sacs and have my girl Isabella coming along to help me out. Be great too have some mummy and Bella time. So hope to see you there.
Have a beautiful day

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