Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A friend of mine had told me about Tresca op shop in Exeter. Everytime I saw her she would say "have you been to Tresca yet?" and my answer was always "no". Well at last I went and WOW what fun they had a special on, fill a shopping bag for $3. There were bins filled with sheets and curtains, pillowcases and tablecloths . I was like a mad woman with my head buried deep in the bins scrounging like crazy. I did very very well and so did my sister who I took with me.

The day before I went to Evandale market it wasn't looking good. So far there was a bit of a trend with young women selling their discarded clothing which definately did not include anything vintage. Vintage to them would mean last seasons Supre fashions! When I thought all was lost and we were ready to go, I came across a stall that was FILLED with vintage everything. Clothing, both baby and womens, oddments and fabric, it was wonderful and I got plenty for Mathilde, when she is a bit older, something each for the H.I.M gang (Hazel, Isabella and Maizie) and bits and pieces to cut up and use for my bebe petit sacs.

I got three more dresses made today and now have plenty of vintage fabrics to work with for more dresses. I am very very excited. Have just cooked the busy womens choc pudding (packet mix) for H.I.M gang and it is ready so I better go.

have a beautiful day

Taritta xx

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Todays market

Well the weather did not look the best. Very overcast and a bit chilly. But popped on my little cardi and a scarf and off Bella and I went. I was outside this week (hence why I was concerned about the weather). But I needn't have worried, it didn't rain, it didn't get hot and I had good sales. So all in all a very good day.

Ant and the girls all popped in for a while. They went off shopping and he popped into the hall and did some shopping. Buying Mathilde the most gorgeous orange knitted beanie and I this beautiful little pin cushion. Made by possumgirl, who also had some gorgeous handmade fabric scarves and other very clever little bits and pieces. You can find her at www.possumgirlshop.etsy.com she is on holiday at the moment but keep a look out.
So the plan for the next couple of weeks is to, have a relaxing easter (hopefully) with my family, sew some more dresses and bebe petit sacs. And the best part is the op-shopping I need to do to find some more vintage fabrics. I think I may have to venture out of Launceston though.
Have a wonderful easter and a beautiful day
Taritta x

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My baby is sleeping. My baby hasn't been sleeping, but now tonight she does and the funny thing is I can't. When I have slept it has been restless and filled with bizarre dreams. It is now 4.18 am and have been up since 3.30am. Yesterday with friends we talked about our babies sleep patterns and routines or more the point lack there of and NOW my baby sleeps and I can't.

So I guess I might as well make the most of it and post this long over due blog. The problems with posting blogs though are all the other fabulous blogs out there. So many blogs such little time.

As you know a fortnight ago I went to the civic homespun market http://www.civichomespunmarket.com.au/ I have a fantastic day, sold 2 bebe petit sacs and 2 vintage pillowcase dresses. The day had a vintage theme to it so there were so many more fabulous stall holders.
www.isismade.blogspot.com Isis makes beautiful upcycled handbound journals and badges amongst other beautiful items so go check out her blogspot and her etsy store.
Am having a problem uploading the photos I took of these gorgeous stall holders wares but you will see much much more on their sites.
So am off to the market again this weekend have made more dresses and bebe petit sacs and have my girl Isabella coming along to help me out. Be great too have some mummy and Bella time. So hope to see you there.
Have a beautiful day

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ready for market day

I am exhausted and I have sewers back. But feel very pleased with my efforts to get plenty of stock sewed for civic homespun market tomorrow. Forteen dresses, 6 bebe petit sacs and a few coffee wraps and singlets made from left over fabric. Hope the day is good.

Have a beautiful day


PS will pop up some photos over the weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well I have set up an etsy shop with my bebe petit sac. I will be selling my dresses on there as well but remember if you wish to purchase any of my dresses, singlets or coffee wraps just email me.

Am off to the Civic Homespun Market this Saturday with my dresses and bebe petit sacs. There will also be loads of other fabulous vintage products.

Just a quick blog today must take baby to the doctor, she has a strange rash!!

Check out my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/tari14

Have a beautiful day


Friday, March 5, 2010

New name New look!

I purchased the latest Notebook magazine a couple of days ago and WOW what inspiration. But the only problem is there are not enough hours in the day, to both read about fantastic creative people on paper as well as all those oline. Oh what is a girl to do!

Well I have started to make a few more bebe petit sac and I finished making maternity tops and vintage pillowcase dresses for my friend in Italy. I have listed on etsy.com, have given my blog a facelift (but if my blog is anything like my home it will be updated often) and most importantly a new name TillyBoo.

Well as much as I love to write on here I must go and sort out dinner for the girls. Husband has just gone to the bottleshop and he is cooking us a lovely dinner this evening, how lucky am I??
Have added pics of maternity top, new bebe petit sac and what I did to my kitchen cabinet yesterday.

Have a beautiful day