Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A friend of mine had told me about Tresca op shop in Exeter. Everytime I saw her she would say "have you been to Tresca yet?" and my answer was always "no". Well at last I went and WOW what fun they had a special on, fill a shopping bag for $3. There were bins filled with sheets and curtains, pillowcases and tablecloths . I was like a mad woman with my head buried deep in the bins scrounging like crazy. I did very very well and so did my sister who I took with me.

The day before I went to Evandale market it wasn't looking good. So far there was a bit of a trend with young women selling their discarded clothing which definately did not include anything vintage. Vintage to them would mean last seasons Supre fashions! When I thought all was lost and we were ready to go, I came across a stall that was FILLED with vintage everything. Clothing, both baby and womens, oddments and fabric, it was wonderful and I got plenty for Mathilde, when she is a bit older, something each for the H.I.M gang (Hazel, Isabella and Maizie) and bits and pieces to cut up and use for my bebe petit sacs.

I got three more dresses made today and now have plenty of vintage fabrics to work with for more dresses. I am very very excited. Have just cooked the busy womens choc pudding (packet mix) for H.I.M gang and it is ready so I better go.

have a beautiful day

Taritta xx

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