Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Killicrankie Farms christmas tree.
Christmas has arrived for 2011 and it is such an exciting time for us here in the Butchart household. We have not been fortunate enough to have a gorgeous Killicrankie Farm tree but we are fortunate in so many other ways.
We are fortunate to have each other, to have found a community here in Longford that have become our friends. I am fortunate to have the love of a wonderful man, and to have my four gorgeous girls and more fortunate to experience motherhood a 2nd time around when I didn't think I would and now have the beautiful and entertaining Mathilde.
I am also so very fortunate to have got in touch with my creatice side and now produce beautiful clothing and other wares using the two methods I love, op-shopping and finding wonderful vintage fabrics and recycling. I am so fortunate to have the support of the Longford community and council for the Longford Makers' Market to grow and succeed as it is. And I would not be able to do any of this without my amazingly supportive and encouraging husband, who builds my confidence up every day and makes me realise how lucky I am.
Have a very merry christmas, enjoy being with the ones you love and enjoy the holidays, for those fortunate enough to have them.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I wonder where my love for vintage comes from :) Me aged about 2.
Gorgeous hearts crocheted by the very talented Annie Vee Designs, showcased monthly at the Longford Makers' Market.
My TillyBoo stall at the Longford Makers' Market which is held on a monthly basis at the Longford Town Hall

So as you know I am terrible at blogging, I just don't find the time, and I hope these pictures explain why. I have started to make gorgeous skirts from old tablecloths. I began by making one for myself and I got so many comments that I thought i would make more. Doesn't my daughter make a gorgeous model??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our darling house is being sold

I thought we had found our house in Longford. The gorgeous church window at the front of the house up the gravel driveway hiden among other houses. But after 7 months it is not to be, the owner is selling! So many things have needed to be fixed since we moved in and there has been a very strong odour in the house since day one. It was thought to be animal urine from the last tenants, so the carpet got replaced. Day later the odour returned and the owner refuses to investigate what it is. So she has had enough and is selling up. I guess we could wait and see if the new buyer buys for investment purposes which would mean we could stay but we don't really want to now our little home now just feels wrong. Not only that but there are not too many rental properties in this area and we really really want to stay here (well I really really want to stay here). On the upside the owner is allowing us to break lease if we find something else which I thing we have.

It is a newer styled home maybe 10 years old and brick. No character what-so-ever but very very nice, practical and neat. Enough bedrooms for all the girls (Bella can have her own which she likes) and a very big living and kitchen area. We do not have the option to buy and nor will we ever and part of me feels a bit like I have failed because I will never own my own home. But we prefer to go away to England within the next 4 years than to settle down now and buy a home at least then I will get my gorgeous english country home.

Have a beautiful day


Friday, April 15, 2011

New Stuff for Autumn and Winter. All made from vintage and/or recycled materials.

This gorgeous 'french vintage' inspired dress for little girls is a one off in a size 2. Made from recycled light weight cottons and lined with calico. Brooch and hem detail in contrasting colours and a front pocket.

I love this one (would love one for myself) This lovely dress has been made from a pair of mens cords and a table runner. The bodice has been lined with the gorgeous blue and brown twig and bird detailed fabric. This again is a one off in a size 4.


Monday, March 7, 2011

I never really know where to start when I begin a new blog, but I guess I just have :). So I have been busy sewing being mum and wife, had a couple of stalls at Evandale Market which went pretty good. But I have decided that the lovely little town of Longford needs it own market. A makers market to be exact to be held once a month (location yet to be finalised). So I have made a few contacts with some local ladies who all make beautiful things so far I have 8 stall holders including myself.

So flyers calling for stall holders are going up, telling everyone and anyone on facebook about it. So if there is anyone out there who is reading my blog who lives in the Launceston and Northern Midlands area and would like to become a stall holder then contact me on 0403087462.

Have a beautiful day