Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My gorgeous Mathilde Grace growing up so quickly. I love it when I upload pics onto my computer and find some that the children have taken.

Received a call the other day from Suze at Cocoon all the brooches sold need more!!!! How exciting but I don't get excitied. Don't get me wrong I love that what I make people obviously like but I just don't show the excitement. My husband on the other hand gets very excited and very very proud of me. So here is the new batch of brooches for Cocoon. Not so many of the red as this is vintage fabric cut from a top and now it has all run out but hopefully Suze's customers will love the other brooches.

The day I dropped off Cocoons order I decided to pop into the shop next door as Suze had given her one of my Bebe Petit Sacs. She placed an order for 4 of these, 4 pillowcase dresses and 6 brooches/hairclips. Now that is soooooo cool.

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  1. Well hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments.
    How fantastic for you that your sweet brooches are selling in a store.
    I have found Etsy to be a difficult to get noticed, and have more success with Madeit, which I notice your also selling on. I must have a look at your shop, mine needs a good overhaul, one of these days.

    Have a lovely weekend with your little ladies.