Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What have I been up to?

What haven't I been up to, is more the question. Had a great time at the Niche market it was a lot of fun, met some really really lovely and creative stall holders. Loved being out front in the public again and showing people what I do. I had sooooo many great comments and few sales and orders. I had made up a couple of sample grown up pillowcase tops in black with a funky fabric border. Had them on display and they sold which was lovely.

There have been birthdays, my sister Shana who is also very very creative with food had a lovely afternoon tea for 'ladies and gentlemen' combining it with mothers day which was the same day. My Isabella turned 12 on the 4th of May but was on camp. But as I am sure any mum would do, off I went to Camp Banksia in Port Sorrell to see her. I only got to spend an hour with her but it was worth the trip. We had an afternoon tea for her the Sunday before and when she got back Antony cooked her Chilli Con Carne which he does better than me now, and I baked her a cake.

Hazels birthday is today so we are having another afternoon tea, more cupcakes and tomorrow is mine. But I leave my birthday in the hands of my husband I plan everyone elses so I am sure he can cope with organising mine! Inbetween all this I am making more vintage pillowcase dresses and grown up dresses and creating new stuff also. We are also going on a family holiday at the end of the month to the Gold Coast so that is exciting too.

My Mathilde is sick and sleeping which is good that she is sleeping but strange. I am so use to her being up and about. But on the upside I am getting lots done.

I am going to add some pictures in my next pot

Have a beautiful day

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