Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here I am sitting on Boxing Day evening enjoying a glass of bubbles reflecting on the past couple of days. Christmas with my family was wonderful, the first with our darling angel Mathilde. I sat up christmas eve til 11pm finishing off Hazel and Maizies dresses, having already finished Tilly's and Isabella's. I had quickly wipped one up for myself during the day made from an old sheet. It was just a rough one to see what it would be like. It's pretty good, very comfy great for wearing on these hot summer days especially to the beach over the bathers. So there you go I can make them for us grown up girls, not from vintage pillowcases though. Will have to go out to Seworld and get some lovely fabrics for us grown up girls. Oh and for the lovely pregnant girls out there, fantastic for you too, lots of space for growing tums :)

Hope you all had a great christmas

Have a beautiful day

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